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3years after 3.11.2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, TOHOKU still needs your support.

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From March 11, 2011, the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, until now, Japan Platform (JPF) has received numerous generous donations and contributions from about 3,300 companies/organizations and about 43,000 citizens all over the world. Those contributions have been utilized to provide more than 310 aid activities implemented by around 80 NGOs/NPOs. In addition to donations, many companies and organizations have also provided prompt support in the form of various kinds of emergency relief assistance.

Once again, we at JPF would like to express our genuine heartfelt gratitude for all the donators’ kind generosity. According to the Reconstruction Agency, as of February 2014, approximately 270,000 people are still displaced from their homes. JPF is dedicated to supporting the long-term efforts of local people toward their recovery, extending to our strategic support plan and including the "Tomoni ikiru (Live together) fund" for local NGO/NPOs, with results achieved by the end of the 2015 fiscal year. In the Fukushima area, we will need to provide even more extensive support to deal with all the challenges there. To achieve effective support in the Tohoku region, we would like to focus more on collaborating with companies and local municipal governments.

We kindly ask for your continuous support through this long journey towards recovery.

March, 2014
Noriyuki Shiina,
Secretary General, Japan Platform

NGO Unit (JPF's member NGOs)

  • AAR Japan
  • ADRA Japan
  • Bridge Asia Japan
  • Telecom for Basic Human Needs
  • CARE International Japan
  • Campaign  for the Children of Palestine
  • Civic Force
  • CWS Japan
  • Engineers without Borders Japan
  • FMYY
  • Good Neighbors Japan
  • Habitat for Humanity Japan
  • HOPE International Development Agency Japan
  • Humanitarian Medical Assistance
  • The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Japan
  • International Children's Action Network
  • IV-Japan
  • Approved Specified Non-profit Corporation IVY
  • Japan Agency for Development and Emergency
  • The Japan Asian Association Asian Friendship Society
  • Japan Association for Refugees
  • Japan Action for Relief Center
  • Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
  • JEN
  • Japan Heart
  • Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning
  • Japan Rescue Association
  • Japanese Red Cross Society
  • Children without Borders
  • Millennium Promise Japan
  • National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan
  • Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development
  • One  Asia
  • Operation Blessing International
  • Oxfam Japan
  • PARC Interpeoples' Cooperation
  • Plan Japan
  • Peace Winds Japan
  • RESULTS Japan
  • Save the Children Japan
  • SEEDS Asia
  • Shanti Volunteer Association
  • Thai Japan Education Development
  • Tono Magokoro Net
  • Wakachiai Project
  • World Vision Japan